Saturday, January 22, 2011

We (heart) vacations!

Ahhhh, vacations are good! We had a week to unwind, relax, have fun, and hang out as a family. We went with Dave's sis Heidi and her family and at the end of the week our good friends, the Rogers, joined us for a couple days. It was great. We took a lot of naps, lived in our sweat pants and swim suits, ate food, played games, read books, watched movies, and played some more. We love vacations of any kind, but the really relaxing ones are amazing :) Dave does an awesome job of finding great accommodations for us and we enjoy just spending time in there while not at the water parks! The Dells has become a great winter trip tradition we plan to keep up in the future!! And the best part may even be that nobody was sick!!!
Here are some "in room" pics... water park pics to come!

 Movie night! Nothing cuter then cousins snuggling in for an end of day movie...

 The kids played a lot of games and Jaxon managed to get us all in a game of Uno at least once.

 We did a lot of hanging around in the mornings....drinking coffee, coloring, reading, cartoons. A lot of little stuff that was wonderful.

 The kids had fun coloring many murals... Heidi finished a scarf and a dish rag at the same time.

 A fave in our rooms... super nice jacuzzi tubs every night! 

 And we laughed A LOT! With all these kids someone was always doing something to keep us going...
I think he thought he was putting chap-stick on?

 Jaxon worked some wrestling moves...

 Four of the cousins got to share a room. So precious listening to them at night. Jaxon read a few stories to them before bed...

 Aves and Austin doing one of their faves... watching Dora :)

The girls cooked and the guys cleaned up! Good trade off for me!!

More "outside the room" pics to come!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

FUN TIMES!!! can't wait to hear all about it. love the pic of austin and his chapstick. by the way, are there any pics with you in it?