Thursday, January 6, 2011

sledding anyone?

My boys would go sledding everyday if I let them. And most days, I don't argue. We have the perfect mini hill in our backyard and Austin is old enough to hang with his big brother for a bit that it actually lets me throw a meal together or pick up a room quick if I'm not in the sledding mood myself :) Now, of course, most the time I head out with them, but it is kinda nice to send the kids outdoors every so often!! We sometimes have an extra tot to pull around outside and that makes for a fun time too! Avery is always up for whatever these Hansen boys are doing... after a couple times down the hill she found much happiness just sitting in the sled at the top of the hill and eating snow (white snow only, mom!). 
Some days I take my boys to a real hill for sledding. I learned Austin has tackled his fear of fast moving things (swings, big slides, etc) He had NO FEAR going down the big hill. I had to pull him up about 20 times to keep coming back down and lets just say I had one heck of a work out!! Jaxon managed to create a ramp and was getting air as he zoomed down the hill. Boys!  Moments like these are the ones that make me smile when I lay my head down at night. What fun years these two are giving us!

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