Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Things Happening Already!

We are wasting no time doing big things here in the new year! New Year's day we always spend with Dave's sisters and families. A few years ago one of his sister's and husband built a new house and with it came a new gym :) A huge advantage for our family gatherings which are growing by the number every year! The kids love having space to play ball, ride bikes, play games, run around, and just be free. Austin spent little time finding a bike and teaching himself how to get those pedals moving. I looked down and he was just riding around the gym! His legs were just a wee too short still at the end of summer and he was so excited to be riding a "big boy" bike. He's getting so big! He'll be chasing Jaxon around this spring on his bike for sure. We've got big things happening here already in 2011! Good Job, Austin!! Such a BIG BOY :)

PS Our computer is finally fixed so look for some more recent updates from our holiday season! Whew, it's nice to have recent pictures to use again!!

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