Sunday, December 19, 2010

being two

Our computer is not working great.... so not so many Austin posts as I planned this week. Here are some pictures of our little Monster being two! Austin is such a special part of our family. He has all the laid back and easy going personality that just keeps us simple. He is exactly what our family of three needed. He finds fun in little things, entertains himself a lot (preferring to), he laughs a lot, he loves to explore and get into anything, loves animals and anything with wheels, loves hiding, being outside, playing with "brodder" and his little buddies, he loves going to eat at church on Wednesday nights, has so much fun with his Papa Jon, shares a bed with his brother (again, his choice), likes to eat sweets, loves his blankie and his binkie, and is such an incredible joy to have in this family. We are so thankful we get to celebrate 3 years with him today.
Happy 3rd Birthday Austin! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Kris Hoskinson said...

you captured austin with those pics:)
happy birthday austin! we love you!

Maribeth said...

He is so heart-meltingly cute and dear. Happy birthday, Big Boy Austin!