Friday, November 5, 2010

appliances, shupliances, and dang mice

We have had serious appliance issues this past month. It all started with a leaky dishwasher. This we figured out was caused by the MICE eating through our dishwasher hose! I hate mice, the way mice hate owls. They gross me out and I scream like a little girl every time I see one. I can do spiders and even some snakes...but mice...ugh, they terrify me every time. My kitchen was a mess for about 9 days. A couple days I had no water at my sink so dishes piled up and things just stunk. Literally. Luckily my husband is venturing out in the handy man field so between him and our friend Jacob they fixed it! Problem solved! By the way, we have caught almost 10 mice under dishwasher since then. B-A-R-F!

As the dishwasher project came to a close my washing machine decided to die. It had a good life...30 years old at least. It has washed daily clothes, puked on blankets, pooped on onsies, spit up on shirts, grassed stained pants, baby blankets, winter coats, pool towels, and more. Is it weird to be a little sentimental about your washing machine? Hey, I have had a strong relationship with this thing for a good 7 years :) I spend more time with my washing machine then my own husband some days! Well, once again my husband found a new washing machine and while we were changing out that we took my overly squeaky dryer too. My new machines were up and running great after about a week. I made numerous trips to the laundromat, my father in laws, and sent my kids dirty underwear home with one of my best friends. You know you are friends when she will wash your dirty underwear :) Today I just made piles and I think I am only 7 or 8 loads away from being caught up. Sigh.

Two days into my new machines my dryer blew up. It got so hot I couldn't even touch the clothes coming out of it and it made such a loud noise it was heard outside. My now frustrated husband carried another appliance out to the garage with my dear brother in law. Luckily, my in laws had an extra dryer so we just replaced the new one with that new one and finally.... a non matching but finally working washing machine and dryer.

I don't even want to say it, but my computer is acting a little funny....we will see but I hope it holds out! I am so thankful to have a man in my house who deals with and takes care of this stuff. I was so grateful for him and his hard work. I am also just as thankful to have family and friends who pitch in on our behalf when needed. We are blessed here in our home... by people and working machines and no mice to live with :) Today is good!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

awww we love you guys mice and all. NASTY. :)