Monday, September 27, 2010

sweet friends

These two are such sweet friends. This day they found themselves in an empty toy box having snack :) The sweetest dialogue during this play went like this...

Austin: making driving noises he said this in between "I'm going to get Ben"
Mom: Not sure I heard right, replied "You are going where?"
Austin: "To get Ben"
Mom: 'Well, where is Ben?"
Austin: "He's at heaven with Jesus"
Mom: "Aw, that's so nice Austin. Tell Ben I said hi.
Austin: "I'm gong to get Ben. But Jesus not coming with me. I go get him. Will play cars. Wanna come mama?"
Mom: "Yes, Austin, I want to come with you to get Ben."
Austin: "Okay, get in!"

The sweetest part about this is that the Ben he is talking about is the special little Ben that is the son of our friend's and who passed away in May. Thanks Austin for remembering your little buddy. It makes me and Ben's mama happy :) Thanks Ave's for going along for the ride! You are always a great partner in fun at our house!


The Garvin's said...

That is just precious!

Becky Bartlett said...

Just this Sunday we were talking about God, Adam & Eve, Jesus and heaven at the dinner table and Boaz brought up Ben again. (he does quite frequently) The conversation went something like this...
Boaz- "Oh, and my friend Ben is there in heaven?"
Me- Yep, Ben is in heaven.
Boaz- "That's a good place. I'd like to go see Ben there!"
Me- if you love Jesus with your whole heart you'll get to meet and play with Ben someday!
Boaz- "That will be so fun, mommy."
Me- Yep, Boaz. It will.

Kris Hoskinson said...

that is so sweet.