Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deck Hands

I am not the best swimmer and one thing I really want my kids to be comfortable with is swimming. I love the water (clean water anyways :) and love hanging out at the pool. So do my boys. I do not, however, trust my skills to pull myself and one of my kids safely from deep waters. So, as soon as Jaxon was old enough he entered swimming lessons. Swimming is one of those life skills, I think, that he will benefit from forever. This was his 5th season of swimming lessons and by golly, he is doing a heck of a job! He is so brave (braver then I'd prefer, but I'm mom, so what do I know!?!?)! He completed his Deck Hand course this year and after some serious practicing with me at the pool...he passed his swimming test! He was so excited and I was so proud. He now has full range of the entire pool! All 3 pools, diving boards, and slides. (YIKES!!) It was fun to watch him jump off, flip off, and slide away. And, I usually had two incredibly cute cheerleaders with me to cheer him on! Good job Jaxon and thanks Austin & Avery for making being on the sidelines so fun! It was a great summer of swimming lessons at the pool with all of you :) Austin...get ready... you start next year!

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