Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Training Camp

 We piled the boys into the van and headed north for our first family Vikings training camp experience! We stayed over night and made a mini vacay out of it. By mini, I mean super mini...about 36 hours worth! We packed so much in that time frame I came back feeling like I'd been gone a week. 

It was also Dave's birthday so we celebrated "Dave Hansen" style and had a fun time! (Dave Hansen style is usually little to no celebrating... he really prefers to avoid people on his birthdays so we don't get to whoo him too much. As much as I have tried to break his birthday habit with special meals, fun outings, or surprise parties he still prefers to spend his birthday just like any other day of his life. Boring and not special if you ask me :) That's why being at Vikings Camp over his birthday was super fun this year!!! Perfect for him and for us to tag along!!

They had lots for kids to do this year! Jaxon had a BLAST playing all the football themed games. Austin loved it too, but hardly stood still long enough for me to get a clear picture of him!
They had this great VIP tent for season ticket holders. It was perfect...fenced in so i didn't have to chase Austin too much, breakfast and drinks provided, and right next to the practice field. I would totally go again with it so easy to have the kids there!!
Finally, Austin was still :) Cars & donuts work great on him!! :-)

It was a great day in Mankato, MN! I'm sure the Hansen's just started a new tradition this year. These two for sure will be back!!!


Becky Bartlett said...

Fun trip!!! Who loved it more, Dave or Jaxon?? And did Dave get his free meal at Famous Daves? Twice??

Kris Hoskinson said...

i love it. i love the family pic at the top with austin hiding his face:)