Friday, August 13, 2010

Iowa + Summer = SwEeT CoRn

I love living in Iowa this time of year for many reasons. One of my favorite's is late summer and sweet corn trucks popping up everywhere!! Some friends from church were kind enough to let the boys and I pick some fresh sweet corn for freezing. One rubber-maid tub made 17 quarts of sweet corn for this winter!!! Oh man, that will taste good in February!


Katie R. said...

Hmmm those freezer bags look like they may have come from Aldi?????? A good friend of mine informed me you can not only get freezer bags there, but lots of other real great things today I decided to check it out.....I ended up teaching a really nice old lady how to insert, and then later retrieve her quarter to get a shopping cart:)

Becky Bartlett said...

Katie... your comment made me laugh. How did those Aldi bags treat you tonight?! :) Jess- looks like your boys had fun helping you!!