Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

Back to school it is! I feel like summer went so fast. Now that I have a school aged kid, summer has a whole new meaning. These summer days at home are priceless... I'm so glad I can be home to spend as much time as possible with my kids. Summer days are some of the best! While we love summer, we also love fall. Jaxon was SO excited for 1st grade! With school beginning there comes new schedules, new routines, and a more organized feel to our day. I don't mind the organization that a school schedule brings and even welcome it a bit. We spent the last few days at home getting organized at our house and resting up for a great start to first grade! A final day at the pool, some quiet play time just between brothers, naps, baseball, and good food had all of us ready for the first day of school.

My little bakers!
"Kasey, NOOOO!" Austin isn't into sharing his treats :)
The boys played so sweetly just the two of them the day before school. Austin has asked about 6 different times the last 2 days if we can "go get brother and get him home."

First day of First Grade!
Jaxon was pretty excited to have his buddy Gabe in his class again. Makes going back to school so much more fun!
Happy School Year, Boys!


Becky Bartlett said...

What fun preparations! Great picture of he and Ben excited to be back. :)

heidi said...

I love you guys!! I miss you already I am not even gone yet!