Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iowans for Africa

We're at it again! Team Iowans for Africa is once again training for a marathon and raising money for a great cause! The team thing went so well last year that the coach decided to make it a ministry. Boy, oh boy, has he had a great response!!! Training for another marathon is something I want to do again sometime, but I knew 2 years in a row was going to be pushing it for my family. I was pretty excited when I found out we would be doing the Des Moines Marathon and this race offers a half marathon too!!! I decided to sign up for the half and take it easy a bit with my training. It's been a great choice as I've made time for running, but have been able to let up a bit with the commitment level.  Don't get me wrong, I am still an excited runner!

I am super excited about our cause this year... raising money to build a school in Mozambique, Africa.  Our church partners with Food for the Hungry to meet some of the needs in this area already. Children attend school under a tree. During rainy season school is cancelled. Having an actual building will allow school to happen year round AND the government will provide a teacher with an existing building. Education can change a community. I'm excited that we can run for the future of not only today's children in Mozambique, but generations from today too. It's also pretty special because one of the girls we sponsor is from this same community. It makes my world feel a little smaller when we connect with our friends clear across the world.  It puts a lot of perspective in place for me as I sometimes struggle through some hard runs.

Last year about 75 of us trained for and finished the Chicago Marathon. This year we have about 250 people!!! Wow! God is good! The above photo is from Sturgis Falls half marathon last weekend. Most of us, anyways. If you are looking for the bright orange shirts this year on the trails, look again. We're coming at ya in full force in gray with a big green tree on the front. Here we go again!!

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