Monday, May 10, 2010

how cute are they?

May 2nd is a popular date at our house! We celebrate FOUR family birthdays on this day!!  Dave's dad Cal, our nephew Curren, my brother's wife Katie, and now our newest niece...Alyvia! (Katie's new daughter and herself share a birthday!!)  While we were at our house celebrating with Curren and Cal we got a phone call that Alyvia had arrived. What a festive day for her to make an appearance.  We are happy she is here and can't wait to get to know her as she grows. Welcome baby Alyvia Marie!!! 8 lbs 12 oz and tons of hair! Isn't she so cute?

And speaking of cute...  could my three toddler's be any cuter these days???  I get to stay home with my baby boy AND spend my days with these two adorable tots! We have some fun times you can see.  I rarely get a pose of all three looking at me. One of them is usually making the other one's laugh! Seriously, how cute are they?



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Holly said...

Alyvia is beautiful!! Love the panthers hat. :)