Thursday, May 20, 2010

hair-cut time!

Having boys I figured out a long time ago that I needed to teach myself to cut their hair or pay about $1700 over the coarse of 18 years just on 1 boys haircuts!! I can think of about 50 better ways to spend that money!  When Jaxon was about two I started to gain some confidence in taking on this task myself.  Thankfully, he has pretty basic hair... no colics, curls, or fineness to worry about. A little buzzing here and there and his is easy to maintain.  
Then I had Austin.  This kid has my hair and lots of it.  His fine, thick, and very straight hair would apear easy to trim, but there is a fine line between too short for him and too long.  If I cut too short it sticks straight up! Everywhere!  If it goes too long, he sweats along his hair line all summer long. So... every so often I call the neighbor guy :)  AKA our good buddy, Jacob!  He is not a professional, but like many of his other rare talents, he has mastered trimming hair amongst them.  Austin actually sits still the best for Jacob and he does such a good job I can maintain it for about 6 mnths before we need to make the call again. Whew, thank you Jacob!  Now.... to decide where to spend that extra $1700 in about 15 years......   :-) 

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