Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't believe it...

We got a DOG!
Austin's reaction to meeting Kasey the first time! How much happier could he be?!?!
Dad pretty pleased with his reaction, too. Such a sweet, sweet moment.

Jaxon woke up to Kasey being outside with the boys. He wasted no time getting his hands on her!
The first night the boys just laid by her kennel before bed... "oh, Kasey" "Hi, Kasey", "KASEY!"
the dog already fits in... keeps right up with two active boys and loves being with them.

Jaxon begged to let Kasey sleep with her right away.  By the 4th or 5th night we gave in.  Kasey made herself at home plopped right next to Jaxon.
Having a dog is still something I'm getting used to.  We've been in the dog discussion at our house since this last fall.  Dave and I both were pretty against it.  When we got married we thought "no dogs".  Didn't want to pay for dogs, clean up after dogs, or have to deal with dogs when going here and there. Well, two kids later and we have changed our minds!  Jaxon has been hinting at wanting a dog for about a year and Austin LOVES animals.  Seeing Austin around animals started to melt my heart a little. What little boy wouldn't love a pet like a dog?  Plus, the dog has many things about it that bring out responsibility, empathy, and sensitivity in my 6 year old! I was surprised how much he took on to loving her, feeding her, walking her, and watching out for her.  Austin is thrilled and every time he wakes up in the morning it is like he sees her for the first time again. "Oh, Kasey" he says everyday and runs to her for hugs and petting. 
And if by "getting used to" you mean "cuddle with her every night and spend my days potty training her"... then yes, I've gotten used to her :)  (Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I even let her sleep with me last night!... I think she's around to stay :)


Becky Bartlett said...

Fun to see pics of the new family member. The picture of Austin excited is precious!! Welcome to the dog club... Kris & Mark- you're next!!! :)

jer said...

Once you let the dog or cat into your bed, they will never leave...Hawkeye has proved that to us.

Ashley Schrage said...

how exciting!! You will have such a fun summer with your newest family member :)