Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He rides!

Jaxon finally learned to ride his bike with no training wheels a couple weeks ago! The end of last summer he tried and tried.  He would have had it, but he doubted himself so much.  Jaxon is a little like his dad... if he can't do something right (and the best) the first time he quits. All winter I have been telling him when he is 6 I'm sure he will know how.  Dad kept telling him "this is your summer, baby!"  An hour or so in the backyard practicing by himself with us casually watching (too much watching was too much pressure) and he nailed it! Away he went and he hasn't looked back.  Yeah, Jaxon!!!! What a big kid you are! I'm super excited for family bike rides this summer!!!


Becky Bartlett said...

Way to go, Jaxon!!! What a big accomplishment!!

Jamie Smith said...

Way to go Jaxon, maybe you can come teach Isaiah to have some faith in himself! He still is scared too! Isaiah can do the figure eight with the basketball, throw a football, smack the baseball, but it is the fear of getting hurt I think...our boys!