Monday, April 26, 2010

b-day catch up

My, My... where has April gone?  I meant to post this like 6 weeks ago!  Here is a quick post from Jaxon's kid party for his 6th birthday.  This year's theme was football of course.  Jaaxon wanted ANOTHER football party with the same cake from 2 years ago.  He starts picking out his cake like 3 months before his actually party.  He consistently stuck with the football theme and cake.  For his party I created a "Jaxon Combine" theme.  For those of you not familiar with the whole combine theme... combine is a thing where players do a handful of skills to test their abilities... so I think?  It is a NFL thing with a variety of football players and well, it's what I used to make up a birthday party with :)  As you can see....I wasn't totally sure what I was planning!  The boys got to try out their passing, running, punting, and kicking skills. It was way cute and fun to watch! These kids crack me up!  At the end we had football game snacks... hot dogs, nachos, lemonade, and of course the cake & ice cream!  Thank you to my super awesome helpers in the kitchen!  Whenever I throw a birthday party I try to have a couple friends in my kitchen so I can be with the kids and not stuck doing all the food.  It means so much to me that they do this and I get to be with Jaxon and his friends.  It was a fun day and even though Austin was sick and had to go to Papa's was a nice event at the Hansen house. Happy Birthday Jaxon! Have fun being 6!

the boys waiting and watching for their turn to punt
Jaxon with his buddies and "Coach Dave" and "Coach Mark" and Mom!

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Becky Bartlett said...

What a fun party!! Great idea to have someone helping with food so you can enjoy your kids!! I'll have to remember that one.