Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what do we do in the dead of winter?

play in the closets

win lots of made up football games that result in serious celebrating

take team photos with our team members (notice Adrian Peterson made an appearance for this game day) ***Jaxon's idea by the way

go outside of course and make numerous attempts to break off the icicles hanging from our house 

 watch movies!!!

have cute play buddies come over for dance parties and jump on the bed parties

have lunch dates
(what can I say, Austin has a busy schedule :)

build with blocks 
 (Jaxon built a Haiti village here and drove through with his army trucks to drop off food, his idea again, man this kid is getting old!) 

sometimes get sick :( 

visit a local museum and build arches

do cool science things at the Imaginarium

 make homemade pizza and parfaits and party with friends

read A LOT of books

turn the heat up really high and go swimming inside

play pig pile on Avery, oops, I mean the balls :)

paint with shave gel

of course... sleep!!! (you just run out of ideas after awhile :)

... and learn some new letters!

Whew, it's been a cooped up but fun winter! Spring is around the corner! Yipee!!


Mom said...

Did Jaxon have a trampoline under him on that jump or does he have Dave's car jumping abilities?


Kris Hoskinson said...

those are some great pics. fun times at the hansen household. :)

Anonymous said...
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