Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what do we do in the dead of winter?

play in the closets

win lots of made up football games that result in serious celebrating

take team photos with our team members (notice Adrian Peterson made an appearance for this game day) ***Jaxon's idea by the way

go outside of course and make numerous attempts to break off the icicles hanging from our house 

 watch movies!!!

have cute play buddies come over for dance parties and jump on the bed parties

have lunch dates
(what can I say, Austin has a busy schedule :)

build with blocks 
 (Jaxon built a Haiti village here and drove through with his army trucks to drop off food, his idea again, man this kid is getting old!) 

sometimes get sick :( 

visit a local museum and build arches

do cool science things at the Imaginarium

 make homemade pizza and parfaits and party with friends

read A LOT of books

turn the heat up really high and go swimming inside

play pig pile on Avery, oops, I mean the balls :)

paint with shave gel

of course... sleep!!! (you just run out of ideas after awhile :)

... and learn some new letters!

Whew, it's been a cooped up but fun winter! Spring is around the corner! Yipee!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow buddies

Even in the middle of the winter we can find SOMETHING to do outside!!!  When the temps get above freezing we find our way into layers of clothes and into the white outdoors. Jaxon loves to build snow tunnels and Austin loves to do what most 2 year olds do in the snow... eat it. The best is when Austin holds his arms up spread wide and looks up to the sky and shouts "nooooooo".  His version of a very happy boy in "snoooow". Everybody needs a snow buddy to make snow so enjoyable each day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

19 and counting...

Yup, I am blogging about the famous Duggar family today.  Wasn't planning on this but I was so moved after watching a random episode from their reality show, that I can't help but share what I see in this interesting family.  I really don't watch this show much, but while Dave was gone this past weekend the boys and I watched a movie together.  They both fell asleep on me and I did not want to move just yet and could only reach the remotes (I had a chic flick to put in but settled for channel surfing so I didn't wake them).  I stumbled across the 19 and Counting show and it just happened to be the episode when they delivered their 19th child, Josie, emergency c-section and 15 weeks early.  I don't know why, but I sat through this show filled with emotion. (by the way I would recommend this episode to anyone...I think you can find it on-line on TLC website???). 
This family may not be your typcial family in America, but I believe they are doing some things very right.  If you can look past their long skirts, long hair, tucked in shirts, and simple ways you will see many characteristics that many of our American family's today could learn from.  With 18 family members they still make it a priority to sit down for each meal at the table and share meal time together.  They plan for and make time for family activities.  They intentionally set their home up to create the most opportunities to encourage family togetherness.  They provide the needs of their children, but don't let all the wants take over the things that accumulate in their home.  They have high expectations of their children being responsible team members in this large group, yet they have many moments of sillyness and fun.  They pray together. They play together.  They talk with each other. Yes, this family may be a bit out of our norm, but they have what seems to be a healthy, happy, and God honoring family.  I think I could be friends with Michelle if she lived on my street :) 

Anyways, back to this particular show... It started with Mama Duggar feeling a good amount of pain and being taken to the hospital. She is admitted and later they find she has preeclampsia which can be fatal for baby and mother. The only way to cure it is to deliver the baby.  I watched as Papa Duggar phoned home to keep the family informed.  This followed by Brother Josh leading the family in prayer for Mama & little Josie. What a great leader Josh was being at only 21.  Nobody knew the gender of this baby yet and the family was soon to find out.  For some reason I assumed after having 18 kids the siblings would not be overly excited to hear if it's a boy or girl. You know, it's another sibling...yeah-yeah... add them to the gang, hooray. The kids were so excited to find out! They all stood around a computer screen as Mama & Papa Duggar made the announcement and everyone cheered and yelled in pure joy over the news of another girl.  I'm sure the same would have happened for another boy, but I was moved by the excitement these 18 kids still had for another addition to what many consider a non-traditional, traditional family!  19 kids and these people still have the same joy, excitement, and happiness as if it were the 1st!  This alone was a testimony to me of their hearts and true belief in the blessings of children.  As I continued to watch the show I was so interested in seeing the process of delivering a 24 week baby.  One of my thoughts during this went back to an article I read not long ago about babies being aborted at 24 weeks. Yes, you read that right. Babies lose their lives at 24 weeks by mothers who have sadly made this choice for them.  It was amazing to watch Mama Duggar deliver her 24 week baby and see that little one move, kick, cry, and fight for her little life.  At 24 weeks this baby had a lot smaller chance of surviving. However, with today's technology and medical knowledge this baby will probably go on to live many years in her new family of 21!  Watching this delivery was another testimony to me of the gift of life. It is precious. It is real.  The Duggar's may have a few things to teach our families, but maybe the most important lesson they have taught us lately starts with the gift of life.  Thank you Duggar's for sharing this personal experience on TV.  I hope it was played for all those that needed a little reminder of God's desire to bring life into this world.

 While watching I thought back to my earliest ultra sounds. I loved seeing Mama Duggar's u/s displayed on TV.  With Austin we had a very early u/s due to a previous miscarriage.  At 5 weeks we saw his little sac and heard his faint, but ever so there heart beating. Amazing.  (this is not my u/s, but another one at 5 weeks)

At 12 weeks with Jaxon we had an u/s because we had no clue when we were due!!  In Jaxon's u/s we saw his little legs, hands, and head. His heart was beating strong and he had his fist up to his mouth already! (again, a borrowed pic from the web, but very similar to Jaxon's picture).

Monday, February 8, 2010


It is so fun to watch these two develop their own relationship.  Lately they have been hanging out like old pals.  It seems like more often then not anymore, they are doing something together or feeding off each other's ideas.  I think it's amazing to watch two young siblings form a bond that nobody but them can experience.  We recently put a big boy bed in Austin's room thinking Austin would transition to it. Jaxon has decided it is his bed in his little brother's room and most nights begs to sleep in there with him. What fun to have a brother!  The above photo is when we were all getting ready for bed one night...there was a Disney movie on and they sat so still here for the longest time. I snapped a photo and joined them and thought to myself 'I'm so thankful I can sneak in on some of their sweet brother time on nights like tonight!"

One of my favorite parts about these two being buddies is the simple fact that Austin can not say Jaxon's name yet... he simply refers to him as "brother (pronounced brutter)" all day long.  "Brutter do it" Brutter home" "Brutter's car"  Brother... a sweet definition only these two can share :)