Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Hoopla!

Okay, just a warning...this post has A LOT of pictures.  I've been meaning to catch up on here with our last vacation, Christmas, birthday, and a few other random things...  here's the first from my list.  A photo story to review with me! Come on, stay focused now... 
(by the way...trying to write between these pictures using the new blogger upload system is a nightmare!?!? Any suggestions... it's driving me crazy!!! Part of why I am avoiding posting on some of these topics!!!)

Brody side Christmas at Matthias's this year.  A fun afternoon that ended in a game of family knock-out, running "lines", and kids running every direction. Fun times.

 Brody side cousins gift exchange.

one of Jaxon's favorite holiday times... hanging out with his good buddy Kendyl from Texas!

One of his gifts that he's played with a billion times already... imagine that, football related!

Handsome Hansen boys on Christmas day... love them!

Decorating birthday cupcakes for Jesus on the McIntosh side! (do you notice Jaxon pouting because he had to stand by a girl!?!? Ha!! What do you think of Austin's frosting mustache? He REALLY liked the cake!)
Austin LOVED all his cars, tractors, and trucks. He will sit and play by himself for long periods of time. Um, can you say opposite's for my boys in that area? :)

This got out of order, oh well, McIntosh side Christmas evening at my sister's in Waverly! the best shot I got... this is a hard bunch to have sit still in one spot for very long!!

Christmas at our house...

Christmas Eve at grandma Hansen's before church service at Orchard Hill.

Below is Christmas Eve lunch with grandpa Jon....

Jaxon home on break was a treat for all of us, but Austin mostly loves having big brother around I think :)  Austin has really started to talk lately and he doesn't call Jaxon by his name, but rather simply calls him "bruder" at all times. Brothers, a bond for life...

Bare side Christmas in Winthrop... also Austin's actual 2nd birthday!  The kids all squeezed into a corner of the room to "help" Austin open a few birthday gifts.

I apologize for the unorganized posting of pictures and random thoughts on them... gonna have to work on this new blogger system!!


jer said...

Is it me or does Dave look like he is about to pass out in every picture? Take a nap dave!

Anonymous said...

veldig interessant, takk