Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family Update!

In the last couple months I've had so many people ask me about who does our family photos! And then, with all the holiday get togethers, holiday cads, and what not many have asked about our family's and where everybody is. Here is an update on both!  If you're looking for a very family friendly photographer check out Ashley Schrage Photography.  Her web link is under my blog list to the right here.  She took both pictures below this last year and the main picture of our family of four that heads our blog! 

As for a family update...  my side first... my sister Andrea and her husband, Luke, have little Maddelyn and are expecting baby #2 sometime in May (I think that's right?).  My brother Lyle and his wife, Sara, have little Elsie and Baby Lane. My youngest brother, August and his wife Katie, are expecting their first bundle of joy in April!  Babies everywhere! All of my family is within 30 minutes of each other!

Dave's side... Oldest sister, Heather, is here locally and has Bryce (teenager!!) and little Deidra.  Sister Holly and hubby Kyle have four kids... Curren, Kyler, Macy, Myles.  Sister Heidi and hubby Aaron have 3 kids... Amber, Hailey, Devin.  Sister Laura and hubby Cliff have 2, Jayda & Jonah, and are expecting baby #3 in July (I believe). It's hard to keep all these new babies straight sometimes! :)  All of us are also within 30 minutes of each other!

That's us in a nut shell! We just celebrated Dave's parents 30th wedding anniversary the first of January too! So many blessings with these smiling faces below...  Hope you all have had a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you each be blessed with good friends, good family, and good fortunes.


Rachael said...

you have a beautiful family :)

Ashley Schrage said...

You are too sweet Jess! Thank you for the kind words. It's been fun getting to know your whole family :)