Monday, January 4, 2010

December Days (- Christmas)

December was a busier then usual month.  I must say having a school age child sure made the holiday season seem really short for me this year. Usually I spread out all the fun stuff we do for the Christmas season all month long...  cookie baking, candy making, goodie plate deliveries, snow men building, Jesse Tree devotions, chain making to count down til Christmas, and a few other things.  I was a little sad to not have Jaxon home during the day to do all these things we have done in the past.  We did most of them, but I found myself crunching these in since our time with him here is limited now.  We did have some fun moments though and it made the Christmas break from school that much more special!  I am saving our Christmas posts for another day, but here is a glimpse of a few fun things we found time to do in between school and sleep hours :)  Happy Winter Days to you all!!!  Brrr.... it's serious winter time out there right now!!

One fun thing... movie night with some cousins!! We rarely get to do this, so this was a special treat! Kyler, Macy, and Myles stayed late after Austin's birthday party and we snuggled in for The Polar Express and popcorn! It was so great to snuggle with my nephew & Austin and watch the kids all drift so sweetly into a soft sleep. We recently moved our office downstairs and made our back room a family room... it's become the perfect movie spot in the house!!

 One thing we definatly made time for was celebrating our baby boy's 2nd birthday!!  LAst year he was not too wild about the big party.  This year was perfect.... we split up the party celebration... Brody side one night and McIntosh side next night.  He enjoyed himself much better this year :)  Here is just laying low after having some birthday cake!  Doesn't he look SO old?

 Family picture on birthdays... tradition for each birthday!  Austin really loves trucks, cars, and dirt. And Bob the Builder. Really, really very much. So, he got his own pile of dirt and a truck cake this year!

 Playing trucks with cousins Myles & Jonah!  Who could ask for anything better then some play buddies and trucks for a 2nd birthday party?  these 3 kept sneaking into Austin's room to play trucks by cute.

 One super great thing I've loved in the last month... getting to be in Jaxon's room once a week!!  I love volunteering in there and seeing his peers, his teacher, and how he functions in his classroom. Here is the last day before break with his super fun teacher whom we love, Mrs. Eller!  She is so perfect for Jaxon's personality... a true answer to our prayers!

 These two have gotten so darn funny lately!! With it being so cold, we've had lots of random games made up in the Hansen house this last month.  Today's choice... "who can get stuck under the couch the best"?  They copy each other all the time these days!

When you can't go outside...we bring the snow inside of course! They love playing in the snow but with these frigid tempatures we don't dare stay out much.  Snow play indoors is always a favorite in the winter months!!

And of course, cookie baking and decorating!  Jaxon was home for this treat!  A must happen in the month of fa-la-la-la-la and Merry Christmas :)

More December days to come....  Hope your end of the year was lovely. Have a Happy New year!!!


Kris Hoskinson said...

awww i like the update. you have some great new pics. :)

Becky Bartlett said...

Fun times! Your cake looked great- and Austin grew about 6 inches since I saw him I think!! Wowzers- a TWO year old? How does that happen so fast?

Tyelene Shilton said...

Love that cake! I might have to make one similar for Graham someday . . .that is a GREAT idea with the truck and oreo dirt! Love the pictures of your cute kids!