Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Austin David!!!

Austin is TWO years old today! My, my... how time flies when you have 1 child, but then add another and it really starts zooming by.  I'm sure it just keeps speeding up as you add more!  I seriously feel like I just brought this little one home from the hospital.  Today we celebrate another precious little person who is healthy, funny, full of life, and just a joy to have in our family. What a blessing children are from our Lord.

A little collage of pics and notes about our favorite 2 year old boy...

Austin now spends his weekdays with two little friends for about 20-30 hours each week. Here he is with his buddy, Avery.  These two are so fun to watch together.  They just crack each other up!  I love seeing Austin develop little bonds with his little friends!

Austin decided he LOVED the snow this year.  I will be so sad when he pronounces his "s" sounds...  all day I hear "nooooo"  in a very excited little voice, each time like he just saw it for the first time. The little joys in life! A yard full of "NOOOOOOO"!!!

This is how you usually see Austin when he can be outside... on a bike with his buds.  He rides laps around our van and will wave as he cruises by.  If anyone knows my kid they kow he loves his bikes and cars!!

What can I say? The kid loves a good truck! A true boy! Jaxon was all balls and sports even at this young of an age... Austin has been drawn to trucks, cars, and bikes from the time he became interested in anything besides food and sleeping!

Austin and Jacob watching the garbage truck.  When we can be outside this is a favorite past time for Austin.  He often plops down wherever he is and watches in amazment.

Like big brother, Austin is a fish in the water! NO fears when it came to this big pool this last summer! I had to keep a very close eye on him as he thought he could just walk straight out in the deeper water!! Ah!

Austin loves animals too.  We went to a few fairs this last summer and he enjoyed the animals the most! He would walk so slowly and take his time at each animals pen.

Slides! or should I say "yides"? Either way, Austin loves his yides :)  The first couple months of school we took Jaxon and hung out on the playground while all the school children played. Austin would climb right up there om equipment like he was one of them.  He loved going down the slides and the little girls loved helping him!  It became a lovely morning routine each day.

Yup, Austin pretty much loves every food that is BAD for him right now! Agh! Can't wait til this phase is over...  for awhile there he spent most of his day getting into our food pantry and trying to break into every chip bag or cereal box he could get his hands on!

A perfect picture of Austin during his last year... sippy cup under his arm, on a bike of some sort, dirty onesie and crocs, messy hair, outside, and in the driveway riding away. Doesn't get any better then this! Love these everyday moments!

sweet corn loving Austin

He loves to climb into my closet, empty cupboards, on top of Jaxon's bunk, into Dad's shower... he will sit and giggle until you find him.

Another everyday picture of Austin... green blankie, binkie, nightly bottle of milk. Oh, I love these brief stages! Austin is still a good sleeper. He takes 1 big afternoon nap and hits the hay about 7:30-8:00. He wakes up anywhere from 7-8 usually and still is snoozing away in his crib! Big boy bed in the next year maybe???

Another 'Austin" picture... this is just him on a daily basis here :)

This last year I started watching kids again. Just a couple and semi full time. It's a perfect schedule for me right now and Austin has made some new buddies! I was a little sad at first to split Austin's time up with some extra little ones, but he's adjusted well and we both love it! Here is Jacob's first week...  free rides anyone?

Austin went on his first mission trip this last year!  He got to go with mom and Jaxon to God's Mountain Camp for a whole week!  Along with fellow toddler friends Addelyn and Boaz it was a pretty darn good first mission trip for the trio :)

Brother bear... we love you so! You make this family complete and we're so thankful to have you be a part of this life with us!  Happy Birthday sweet boy. We think you're the best!


Becky Bartlett said...

Happy Birthday, Austin! Can't believe how quickly 2 years old got here!! Love ya, buddy!

Maribeth said...

Loved reading about your little guy, Jess, and said a "thank you, God" prayer for him on his special day!

Katie R. said...

Cried through the whole darn blog. WE LOVE YOU AUSTIN!!!!

kdd xz˚d sxceed -Avery

Katie R. said...

Just made the pic of the kids on bikes in the driveway bigger, and cracked up to see Jaxon in the stroller in the background. Love your boys:)

Kris Hoskinson said...

ahh we love austin. :)