Sunday, November 29, 2009

Traditional Tree Hunt!

Every year we bundle up the kids, pick the Reisetter's up, and drive a little north to Kris Kringle's Tree Farm the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I think this is our 4th year of doing this. It's become one of my most favorite traditions during the holiday season.  We always have a fun time... snow, cold, sun, warmth, or clouds...and leave filled with the tingle of Christmas under our skin. As the song goes... it's the most wonderful time of the year :)  Now this may seem like a petty Christmas tradition, but through just a few short years it has become a day where friends find some joy simply from the atmosphere we are in and see the blessings in the little feet that patter along the grass hunting for that perfect tree. If you've been reading my blog you know I LOVE traditions.  I actually looked up the definition for "tradition" today and found this.."handing over, passing on". I hope as we raise our kids that we pass on many traditions.... practices so to say.  I love giving my kids something to look forward to, to depend on, to build on.  Our friendship with the Reisetters started years ago... over 10 actually! Part of the "tree hunt" day that I love is simply the continuation of that friendship and how it is passing on to our children.  It is my hope as we build a life with our kids that we offer many traditions and once they leave our little nest they will always have something to come back for... whether it be a yearly tree hunt, attending the Christmas Eve service together, Friday night homemade pizza, Sunday afternoon football, summer days by the pool, prayer together, Bible reading together, dinner conversations, and so on... you get the idea! Whatever it is, big or small, there is comfort and peace in traditions.  What a wonderful time of year to start some for yourself if you haven't already!!!  Have a great holiday season!


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