Friday, September 4, 2009

'My Friendship Guide'

I found this cute poem in a children's book I have from 1959. I love to collect old children's items... books, toys, antique clothes and so on. This was too cute not to share... isn't it interesting the impression a child wanted to give back then... to not let others see their troubles? It made me think how different we may be today. It seems my grandparents generation did all they could to NOT let people see them down, hurt, or struggeling. My generation seems to be so open with what is happening in life... At least I'd like to think so. Enjoy...

My Friendship Guide

Oh, making friends is lots of fun.
And I'll remember how it's done.

I'll try to look for good in others,
My friends and neighbors,
sisters, brothers
And tell them of the good I find,
So they will like me and be kind.

And I will wear a cheerful smile,
Though troubles come once in a while.
Then when the others look at me,
A happy girl or boy they'll see.

By Donald L. Gelb

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