Friday, September 11, 2009

Friends & Fun Times!

We've had lots of fun times with some of our friends the last few weeks! Here is a picture collage from some friends and family we've been able to see recently...

Our newest little friend whom we get to see 3 days a week now! Avery and Austin reading together :)

DTI dinner in our driveway! The kids love it when they all come over!!

Last day at the pool with our buddy, Jacob!

Grandpa Brody and Austin sharing a laugh...

A little playground fun for everyone :)

Backyard campfire with our neighbors, the Mueller's! Notice the variety of food that night...AKA...both families just put out whatever they have in the fridge and smorgasbord for all!

Our good friends, the Monteiths, were home from Texas for a few days. We had a wonderful time catching up, celebrating their soon to be here Baby Girl, and just hanging out! (Us, Monteiths, Reisetter's)

A little backyard game fun...

Mason and Austin just hanging out (waiting for cake I believe :)

Campfire night got late, so these 3 cozied up for a movie. We love it when Mason & Jillian come to play!

Austin and Jacob LOVE to watch the garbage truck on Thursday's. If you want to find us around 9;30 in the morning on Thursday's... just join us in the driveway :)

Lots of Jacob and Austin time now that Jaxon is in school all day.

And what better friend is there then your own brother?

Jaxon and Kyler! These two are inseparable at family functions!!


Kris Hoskinson said...

AWWW great pics!!!! my fave is the boys on the picnic table! :)

Becky Bartlett said...

Boaz is sitting on my lap as we look at blogs... he said Austin's name without any prompting!! Several times lately he's talked about austin... we need to get them together again!!