Wednesday, September 23, 2009

everyday pals

Some of you know I have a couple kids that frequent our home on a regular basis. Jacob & Avery are the most recent weekly regulars here... built in play buddies! We have fun together and even better I love seeing my kids develop relationships early on with peers. With Jaxon and our past buddy, Gabe, in school it is a different noise level in the house these days!! Here's just a few pics from some of our everyday pals :-)

Jacob & Austin at a fair... go figure :) This double stroller is always in my van and used
almost daily!!

Waiting for the garbage truck together... again!

Austin loves Avery's car seat and if he realizes it is empty he is quick to get comfy in it.

Miss Avery! The best part about this pose is that Austin & Jacob are laying on their tummies with me facing Avery and waving at her while I snap a couple pics!

Ave loves laughing and poking at Jaxon. And I think Jaxon likes it a little too :) He's always bummed when Avery has gone home before he gets back from school.

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