Saturday, September 5, 2009

and I thought I was tired?

I returned home this morning, after running 18 miles with an awesome group of girls, and found my 20 month old sound to sleep in his chair! This is a rare, rare scene... my kids never fall asleep in random places! They are pretty routine nap and bedtime kids and usually are raring to go during their awake time!! I couldn't believe when I walked into a quiet house and found Jaxon gone with grandpa Jon (who graciously wakes up early to come and watch the boys while I run these LONG miles before the marathon), Dave relaxing watching the UNI/Hawks game, and Austin... sound asleep in this chair! And I thought I was tired today!? :)


Katie R. said...

Super Cute and you are Super Woman!!! Congrats on the long run!!!!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

that is hilarious! i can't believe he fell asleep like that, not a usual austin thing. :) he looks so big in that chair!

Becky Bartlett said...

WOW! That's nutso! Little guy must have needed a break, huh? maybe Grandpa wore him out this morning. Nice work on the run!

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The Hansen's said...

best Show... where are you from? and what part of my blog do you want to reprint? Curious, but not sure I want my family blog advertised???