Monday, August 24, 2009

something 30

The kids and I on my 30th!

Yup, I turned the big 30 this last weekend!! I had little anticipation for what the day would bring, but found by the end I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I think the 30's will be! I must say the twenties were spent trying new things, failing at a lot of it, starting new journeys, experiencing many "firsts", growing (emotionally, spiritually, and physically! Ha!), gaining perspectives, actually succeeding at some things, and well... just figuring out all this "adult" stuff and more! The difference between a 20 year old and a 30 year old is huge, at least I think so. So much growing happens then and not to say I won't keep growing, but I do think my life will stay somewhat the same the next 10 years. Maybe I'm being naive? However, I think the biggest changes in my life probably happened in my twenties... college, getting married, having babies (that whole process can change ANY woman many ways!), and so on... lots of commitments come with all those things and I hope my 30's are spent trying to stay balanced with what life has handed me in the last 10 years or so. To reflect and remember some of my last 30 years I've come up with a list... no particular theme to this list. Just a list of 30 things I want to think about today from the last 30 years of my life! Feel free to keep reading or if you get bored, just check back next time for a good kid post! :-)

1.) Family doesn't always just mean the people with your same DNA. Actually, often times family becomes those people who see you, talk to you, and go about your daily life with you. It's like having a bonus family! Both kinds are wonderful in their very own unique ways and I couldn't do life without any of them!!

2.) The first bite of a slice of pizza is always the very best bite. Something about the perfect angle of the slice as you bite into the triangle shape.... every time I always like the first bite best.

3.) Being blonde does NOT mean you have more fun. Lots of my most fun friends are not even close to blonde :)

4.) Motherhood is absolutely positively the best thing I've ever done.

5.) Motherhood is absolutely positively the hardest thing I've ever done. Even harder then those unbearable days with junior high girls, first fights with your husband, and those tough conversations with people in your life whom you want to have very honest relationships with.

6.) Try to always think positively about your body. I always look back and think "Man, I looked good then!". However, when that actual picture was taken I probably thought I looked too short or too thin or too fat or too boxy or too curly haired and so on... You'll save a lot of worrying if you just decide to like the person God made you to be!

7.) Life is too short to not eat desserts. Especially chocolate ones.

8.) There may be no other time in your life where you will feel the way you do when you fall in love. Fall in love at least once if you can :)

9.) College does not have to mean what culture tells us it means. Define yourself before you go off and let culture define you.

10.) Worry less about what people think of you. I wasted a lot of years worrying for nothing!

11.) Find a role model or a mentor as soon as you can. These people make life a bit easier to swallow...especially when you get to the big stuff! My life mentors are sometimes my saving grace!

12.) Play a lot. Not just when your little and the days run on and on doing fun things all the time. Play when you are big too. And laugh a lot while you do it. :)

13.) Actions and words make up most of our character. Character, in my eyes, says a million words to me. My character also says a million things to others. Character and integrity go hand in hand. Have lots of both!

14.) Experience the ocean at least once in your life. Breath-taking. Amazing. Beautiful.

15.) Have lots of traditions!! You'll always have something to look forward to all year long and it makes transitioning into new seasons of life easier! I LOVE traditions!

16.) Count your blessings. Literally. We are much more blessed then we let on most the time.

17.) There is nothing like finding a great pair of jeans :)

18.) Learn to say no much more then you say yes. It will make what you say yes to a very special commitment every time, no matter how small or how big the offer/question/commitment is.

19.) Don't be afraid to ask for help.

20.) God really is always with us. Even when we are as far as away from Him that we can get, He's always just a door knock away. It is NEVER too late to go knocking on His door!!

21.) God gave us grace... be quick to give it to others. No strings attached.

22.) Do not let bitterness sit in your heart very long. It hurts you more then the person you are holding the bitterness towards. And that can become ugly!

23.) Be nicer then necessary to people... you never know what they are going through.

24.) Figure out what your strengths are and how God made you. Then do those things. Nothing will bring you more peace, joy, and happiness then when you allow God's molding of you to take shape.

25.) High-school does end. If relationships are hard during this time, just know it is only a blink of the eye before you are out of it. Just a small percentage of the overall life equation!

26.) Don't be shy of becoming friends with people not exactly like you. They bring a new meaning to friendship and life!

27.) Enjoy those naps when you can get them!!! (can I get an Amen sister!?!?) :)

28.) The old Girl Scout song just may be very true... Make new friends, but keep the old, some are silver and the other gold. They are all gems in your life one way or the other.

29.) Don't ever let a boy define who you are. That boy can be part of your personal definition, but not all of it.

30.) Love often. Love your spouse, your children, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your enemies, your peers... love really does conquer all from what I can tell so far.


Ashley Schrage said...

happy HAPPY birthday! :)

Manfulls said...

I LOVED reading your 30 list list! Happy late birthday to you!!!