Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new school, new tradtions, new season

It is official... I have a school age child! Wow! I am entering a whole new phase in life. Here come the PTA meetings, school concerts, school calendars, and a whole new look at our daily lives!! Today was Jaxon's first day of kindergarten at his new school! We spent the last year praying, discerning, and making a big decision about what to do with Jaxon once kindergarten age was here. It was a BUMPY road as we came to our conclusion... private school, christian school, home school, public school... but after my hearts journey the last 10 months or so and after experiencing the last few days and this morning... I've no doubt that we have planted Jaxon right where he belongs during this season in his life. He is attending the public school in our neighborhood and he is so so so excited to be there! We are too. His personality and our goals for him make up the perfect match to be at this school... and well, off he went!
I knew this day would be hard for me, but honestly, the months leading up were harder. I feel like I did most of my worrying, crying, and questioning before hand and today was met with a smile and joy for my big boy. Now yes, I have to admit I have this dull achy feeling in my heart, but that is my personal issue with seeing my baby turn into a big boy and run off into a school not looking back once! It fills my heart so much to know he's so happy, filled with joy, and ready for this phase. And if I just stay busy enough today I won't notice that achy pain too much :) (did I mention my dishes are all clean, garage organized, and laundry going already? ha!)!!
With a new school and new season of life come some new traditions. Take a look at our last couple days and our new kindergartner! Welcome to school, Jaxon! We know you're gonna love it here!

I decided I wanted to begin each new school year with a back to school cake. Each year the kids and I will bake it together, decorate it, and as we place more kids in school... more names go on it and so on. I decided very last minute that it may be fun to have the grandparents come over the night before for "back to school" cake and wish the kids a great new school year. We'll add the extra family next year to our little tradition :) Above is Jaxon mixing up our chocolate cake!

Back to School cake fun! mmmmm, good!

The night before school was Jaxon's choice of foods for dinner and the "You are Special" plate. He choose my homemade meatballs, hashbrowns, and peas. What a good eater! I was prepared to make pizza, chips, and hot dogs!! Ha! We also shared our theme verse for him for this school year at dinner. This years verse is from Galatians.... "But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." We discussed each word and what it means... I predict we will have many opportunities to use this verse as we walk through many new experiences with him and school and new friends and new responsibilities. Our prayer is that he will build on each of these characteristics as he learns.

We did call grandpa Jon last minute and he came over for some back to school cake and to read some bedtime stories. Gotta love Jaxon's helmet!

Morning of... chocolate chip pancakes in the shapes of "k". K for kindergarten! He dressed himself the minute he woke up!

The traditional 1st day of school picture...


He found his line to place his backpack in and then took off for the playground... like I said, he never even looked back until it was time to line up. His teacher is in the back in a pink dress and the student teacher in his room is a gal from church that we know (in the blue top in the back). We're really happy Amy will be in there!!

Time to line up! He couldn't stop smiling!!

As we started to leave and he walked into the building he looked back twice... once to say goodbye and once to wave at Austin. Still smiling and still ready for school!! We were so happy he wasn't being peeled away from us like some little ones... oh, that broke my heart to watch :( Our prayers are with all the students this year, the teachers, the safety at school, and the families that make up our new elementary school!

As Dave said as he dropped me off at our too quiet home... "see ya at graduation next..." Not really, but it is time to hold on! It's gonna be a short ride I'm afraid!


Becky Bartlett said...

Jess- you are so good! I love reading about your traditions and wanted to let you know now that I fully intend to copy all of them someday! :) Can't wait to read a blog of his reaction to the first day. I'm sure he loved it. fun that amy is in his class also!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

awww what a good post. what a good mom. :)

Jamie Smith said...

Jess, this made my eyes tear up multiple times. Isaiah had Mrs Eller last year, she is AWESOME! Jaxon reminds me of Isaiah, he was so excited to go and never looked back, so proud, excited, happy, etc. The best way to have it! I was the one crying my eyes out! He will do great and will have a great year!!

Jill said...

Hi Jess,
I came over via the Rise and Shine Retreat site! I love the back to school story - what a cute little man - I have a little blonde boy as well! Great idea with the back to school cake idea, I'll have to remember that next year!

Sure hope it works for you to attend the Retreat - I'm helping with the organization team and it's been great to see how God is bringing this all together!