Thursday, July 30, 2009

8 years together!

I meant to blog this last week, but my days got away from me. So, here I am writing and reflecting on 8 years being married to Dave Hansen! My, my... it's been a journey. One that has been filled with every emotion, lots of love, lots and lots of grace, and of course plenty of laughter. Some days I can hardly believe it's been 8 years already and some feel like it's only been a few... I mean, we're all still like 25 right? Most of the time though it just feels like life has never been any different... like I've never lived without him. I can not imagine life without him and even though he drives me crazy at times, he's still the best friend I married 8 years ago and even more. Today he is much more to me then he was back then... I guess the longer you are in someones heart the bigger role you have in that person's life. Dave is undeniably my other half.

Dave has taught me many things about myself over the years and I have no doubt he will continue to teach me more. Marriage is something we are so thankful for and we're having a blast doing it together! My husband is a very real person, hard working, giving, responsible, respected, hilarious, sometimes too honest, practical, light hearted, empathetic, sports crazy, can't sit still, did I mention funny?, super fun, forgiving, and just all around good man. He is the best husband and father I know. And I mean that. I'm blessed to be his wife and thankful for 8 great years! Happy Anniversary, babe!

I have only a few pictures of just us on this computer... so here's to "us"... we're so often a group these days (couple plus 2 kids!), but we constantly are trying to remind ourselves to be just us when we can. We love spending time just the two of us and I hope we can find some more of that this next year... we'll work on that during our 9th year :)

July 21, 2001~Our Wedding Day

July 21, 2008~ Our tradition has been for Jaxon to take our pic each year on our anniversary. This was last year! Before our also traditional Brown Bottle dinner :)

a weeeknd away in 2007

right after being announced "Mr & Mrs David Hansen" Whoo-hoo!!!

July 21, 2009 ~ Post Brown Bottle dinner, again :)

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Becky Bartlett said...

Happy Anniversary! This was a sweet 'ode' to your hubby. You guys are great... here's to many more years! :)