Friday, May 8, 2009

spring days

It is no secret to those that know us that we LOVE being outside! Once we can be outside, the inside of our house gets abandoned and we set up camp out in the yard! We eat outside as much as we can, usually grill outside daily, have snacks outside, and do everything from dig around in dirt to swing to baseball to bubbles to anything we can come up with in our yard!! Needless to say we love when spring rolls around in full swing. As I sit here the big kids are in the middle of a "baseball game" that started at precisely 10:30 and included team names, fans and gear . I can hear the birds through my open screen doors and cars traveling up on University Ave and an occasional saw as someone works down the street. I love having the outdoor noises travel in the house and the smells of spring like fresh cut grass and lilac trees blooming and camp fire's burning. The Hansen family is very happy to say "Welcome Spring"!! Hope this time of year is just as fun for you! Hope to see you at the local park or bike trail :)

Jaxon posing before a soccer game... Jaxon writes down his "schedule" and has games that he actually tries to make me work his meals and nap around. What a goofy kid!

One of the best parts of spring days is getting so dirty and then getting all nice and clean at the end of the day... my kids always sleep so much better after they've had a good day of playing outside.

Snack time!

The jumpy slide is a popular choice for the big kids on nice days.

And who doesn't love a good ole wagon ride?

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Ashley Schrage said...

I had a blast with Austin on Sunday. He sure is ALL BOY! He had a smile on the whole time, and was so adventurous, making little games up himself and obstacle courses around the baby swings! what a hoot! Thanks for sharing your little boy!