Saturday, March 28, 2009

Party Time!

Jaxon turned 5 on March 12 and we had two parties to celebrate his milestone of life. The first party was a fun chocolate fountain party shared with his cousin Hailey who turned 2 on March 16th. As we gain more and more cousins it is easier to "double up" birthday parties for family. 13 little ones on our Brody side and 4 on our McIntosh side. That's already getting to be a lot of birthdays to celebrate in 1 year! We love it though and each little one is such a blessing!!! Jaxon saw the chocolate fountain in a box from when I used it for a baby shower and he really wanted to do it for his birthday party. I opted for the family party for this and then we got carried away with a pirate theme for his friends party! The friends party was lots of fun! If you would have walked into our home during it you would have thought it was very chaotic, but amongst that organized chaos was lots of laughter, screams of joy, and excitement. I coaxed a couple good friends into helping this year again... I've decided a successful little kid party is much better when attended by a 2 to 1 adult to kid ratio :) Thank you Jen, Mark, and Kris for joining in the craziness for a few hours! I think that after 1 treasure hunt, 1 pin the eye patch on the pirate game, lots of pizza, cupcakes, swords, and tattoos we all had FUN! Below are a few pictures from the 2 parties... friends and fun times!

Time to eat! The kids all made their own pizzas and we had cupcakes for dessert. (Never mind that we got distracted and BURNT half their pizzas...luckily we had an extra big pizza we could dip into for the kids! Ooops!)

Having some fun with a few of the friends at the party... this is Jaxon's new "bonk" bed (as he calls it) and it was perfect for hiding pirates! Here is Gage, Jaxon, Mason, and Eli.

I wasn't brave enough to make an actual pirate ship cake, so I went with my plan B...a treasure cake! The cupcakes were Jaxon's favorite...chocolate with whip cream frosting :) Yum!

Jaxon and Hailey and the chocolate fountain. A hit for a birthday party! (notice Aunt Heidi's sweet Dr Seuss cake for Hailey on the table!)

Family of four celebrating Jaxon's fifth year with us... what a wonderful 5 years it has been!

On a side note...our good friends Jonny & Katie Rogers had their first baby girl just hours before Jaxon's birthday... Avery Lynn arrived at 10:13 on March 11th. Jaxon was excited she didn't arrive a few hours later :) Welcome Avery!
We'll be celebrating your first birthday this time next year!!!

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Jess how cute is that party!! They looked like they had so much fun!

Thanks for sharing!