Monday, March 2, 2009

Jaxon at a glance...take 1

Last night we were watching our video from when Austin was born with our friend, Katie, and we both made the comment at the same time about how LITTLE Jaxon seemed...just a year ago! Even the way he talked was much more younger sounding and it was amazing to watch how much he has grown the last year or so... Jaxon is turning 5 next week and I wanted to post a few pictures of Jaxon's last year and then we'll start fresh with our new little five year old. Oh, where did the time go? It's been so great to watch him reach different stages the last five years... I'm sure this next year will be just as fun! So... here is Jaxon at a glance... I have a few more photos to add a bit later too...

Jaxon in the Sturgis Falls Big Wheel race!

Jaxon spent many days playing in the pool in our backyard! I LOVE these days!

Jaxon has loved Peter Pan and pirates for a couple years now. This summer we usually saw him in at least one part of his Peter Pan or pirate costumes :) And, of course being silly!

Jaxon is always up for some silliness and getting mom is just an extra bonus usually!

What's so funny? I'm pretty sure Jaxon was tooting on our friend Katie here... no, not our son???

One of Jaxon's summer jobs is helping water the flowers and plants. He usually enjoyed it and almost always came back in soaked :) He's a really good helper when you give him a specific job.

Jaxon was a busy parade walker this last summer. Our good friend, Walt, ran for a senate seat and Jaxon did his best to keep up and shake hands just like his big buddy Walter!

Uncle Augie is always up for some playtime with Jaxon...and Jaxon always eats it up! These two are usually up to trouble together :) I believe they are conspiring together to get Aunt Katie wet here!

Jaxon does get sick once in awhile like most kids... a day spent on the couch here :(

Jaxon loved going to dad's soccer games for Longfellow. He always asked when he could go over with the guys. Here he is running over as soon as the game was over. Jaxon loves to play soccer and no doubt caught the soccer fever from our good ole Longfellow soccer days!

Jaxon and Mason making May day baskets... Jaxon usually really likes projects.

Dad's last pop run day... we promised Jaxon a donut and here he is waiting for the people to stop saying nice things to dad so he can go in for his donut and chocolate milk.

Jaxon has developed more of a love for animals this year... I think the relationships with Muffin, Bumper, Grace, Buddy, and Bella have helped along in this department :)

Jaxon chillin... he actually likes to sit and watch a program on TV first thing in the morning. I know Tv is a bad habit to start, but he just wakes up like this and enjoys his "down time". See...he does sit still at times people! :)

My little baker...he has always loved helping in the kitchen!

Easter eggs!!! A special activity him and I did while the baby was sleeping.

Friends!!! My they have all grown!

His football party last year...blowing out the candles!

Mason took Jaxon to McDonalds for a special birthday lunch last year. Mason made these great crowns to wear to! I love to watch Jaxon develop relationships with his peers.

Jaxon has become a really great big brother the last year... a role he will carry for the rest of his life. He's been a wonderful first born son!!


Becky Bartlett said...

What a sweet year-in-review. He's such a great little guy. He has grown so fast this year!

mac526 said...

It is crazy to see how much Jaxon has grown in the last year. I can't believe he is going to be 5 already. I still remember the night August and I were over for our weekly supper our freshman year in college and I didn't feel good. Jaxon some how could sense it can he came and gave me a big hug to make me feel better :)