Monday, March 2, 2009

Jaxon at a glance, take 3- Last Take!

This is the last part of 3 posts all about Jaxon! He is turning five next week and well, this has become my scrapbook! So I've posted many photos of our oldest son hoping to capture him a bit over the last year. Thanks to all of you that make a difference in my children's truly takes a village to raise a child and I must say our village people are amazing!

One of Jaxon's jobs is helping with laundry and he usually does so with smiles! I wonder how long this will last? :)

Arrrr! Pirate Jaxon!

Jaxon letting Austin feed him breakfast.

Lately Jaxon has been playing basketball and has a lot of "games". He often times waits for Dad and Mark to come home for lunch to take one of them on in his game. Here in this picture he posed like a basketball player and told me to take a picture just like that. Does this kid want to play sports or what???

Jaxon's first attempt at bowling this winter and grandma & grandpa. Not bad Adrian Peterson, as we had to call him that evening.

Amazingly Jaxon STILL naps...regularly. Here he is getting a nap in with cousin amber after a busy morning playing outside. Jaxon loves playing with all his cousins and gets so excited when one or more comes over!!

Orange smile!

Jaxon being Peter Pan at friend Eamma's party... I love these Peter Pan days and will be sad when he hangs up his hat and sword for good :(

Jaxon has become a pretty good fort maker the last year... here he is trying to get Austin to go through. Austin isn't sure what to think yet!

Jaxon loving on cousin Elsie... he loves babies usually and sometimes just squeezes the love right out of them :)

I believe Jaxon had a "football game" here and Kyler was the lucky boy to be another player this day! Jaxon will actually tell me a specific time of when his game is and has even told me "I can't pick up my room because my game starts in 5 minutes and I'll be late". Uh-huh, nice try buddy!

Jaxon got to help show a pig at Cattle Congress this year thanks to Uncle August. Dad wasn't sure what to think being a city boy and all...but it was so fun to watch him and Jaxon had a great time!

wrestling, wrestling, wrestling.... boys will be boys...

"No Mom, do not take my picture of me dressed up in a wedding dress and marring my bunny!!"

Jaxon likes to play around with all the babies in our circle of friends... Here he is keeping tabs on Austin and Boaz.

CHEESE! A mouth filled smile from our brown eyed boy!


Kris Hoskinson said...

awww jess these three posts are great glances at jaxon. i love how you have captured so much of who he is....and i love that there is evidence that he sits down once in awhile. :) we love that kid. can't believe he is almost 5!

Becky Bartlett said...

What funny memories... I absolutely love the basketball pose. And I think I will start calling you Kimbo. :)

codi said...

This is so random, but I saw a link to your blog somewhere and just wanted to say hi. My husband, Nile,and I went to UNI with Dave-in fact, we even road-tripped to Texas to watch the Hawks once with he and some other friends. Your kids are SO,SO cute! It's so neat to see how Dave's life is playing out-what a wonderful family he has! If he has no idea who this is and needs a face to place the names with, he can look at Blessings to you all, and Happy Birthday, Jaxon!
Codi (& Nile) Heefner