Monday, March 2, 2009

Jaxon at a glance, take 2

Jaxon is usually the funny guy when with these two! Austin & Addelyn love to laugh at Jaxon's silliness!

Games, games, games... I think we've played hundreds of Candyland games in the last few years. Markuse visited and Jaxon convinced him to play at least 5 games during his stay with us!

Jaxon and our dear neighbor Roger have become good friends. Roger likes to pick Jaxon up for a cruise in his shiny red car...and even get an ice cream treat once in awhile. Roger will pay Jaxon 10 cents to help him wash his car... I'm not sure how much help Jaxon really is, but Roger is great about helping him feel like he has a job and he earned a little income. :)

Jaxon looking at books before bed... Lighting McQuenn seemed to be the books of choice this last summer a lot!

Our silly boy on his first day at St John Preschool!

Dad took Jaxon for his first ever Vikings weekend-Boys only trip. Jaxon was so excited to fall asleep with the TV on in the hotel with his daddy.

Jaxon trying to hide his excitment about going to preschool!

A finished building project... after he was done he said "take a picture mom!"

Rub a dub-dub...gotta love those pics of your little ones in a tub!

Most of our summer days are spent at the local pool, which Jaxon LOVES! He especially liked it when our family friends, the Reisetter's, were there too. This year Jaxon pretended to be Michael Phelps often and would have me "time" him....he's always been competitive since he could figure out games and races.

Diggin around at the State Fair...a tradition I try to keep with the kids every summer.

Grandma Pat is always willing to spoil it was a camel ride :)

Jaxon does have a snuggly side every so often...

The last couple summers Jaxon has become good buddies with our neighbor's granddaughter, Kendyl. He absolutley loves it when she visits from Texas and keeps her picture by his bed. These two would play ball, draw with sidewalk, sit in the yard, and just hang out many summer nights. She's a great gal...I wish she lived closer because she'd be an amazing babysitter!!

Jaxon's first swim lessons at the big pool... he was a Champ...just like Miss Jen always said :)

Uh, just waking up...

A climber, just like dad!

Jaxon had a great time at VBS this last summer at Naz and Orchard Hill. After VBS at Naz he told me he wished my name was Kimbo...if you knew Kimbo, you'd understand. She's one of the most happy and fun filled people you can hang around and she led the VBS program!!

Stealing a brother hug between swimming and snack time at the pool.

Slip n slide! Jaxon mastered this!

Jaxon finally wasn't afraid of sparklers this year...however we still couldn't go to fireworks, not ready for those yet....maybe this summer???

Big buddy Michael is always willing to make Jaxon feel special... today it was going to get pirate balloons at Sturgis Falls. We traditionally sit in the park with our friends the Rogers for 3 straight days and eat as much Sturgis food as we can! Love it and so does Jaxon! He hasn't missed a Sturgis Falls yet in the 5 years he's been here :)


Mom said...

Oh this last picture just made me hungry for strawberry smoothies, donuts, apples and caramel, tenderloins,...... :)Can't wait for this year!!

Love all the pics and I can't believe he is going to be 5 already!! I can't wait to see him at school next year though!


Ashley Schrage said...

I'm STILL afraid of sparklers! Foolish I know.
I just conquered my fear of matches this past year. They didn't tell me that the Children and Worship leader has to use matches!