Saturday, February 14, 2009

our changing valentine's

Our Valentine boys today...

...and 1 year ago today!

I hope you all had a fun Valentine day today!!! We kind of think this day is a bit cheezy and definitely over commercialized...but we have fun with it in quirky ways and traditional ways...depending on our moods for the year :) The boys and I started the day by surprising dad at work with balloons (thanks to the Dollar Tree) and donuts for the office crew (thanks to Casey's). Dave surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of many roses (thanks to the Farmers Wife Shop...nice work Katie on your creation!)! After nap time today we had a treasure hunt for a prize. Jaxon loves pirates and ate this up! At the end was a little basket with random little things. It made the afternoon go by quick and then we made homemade pizza and ended with a movie. Ah, it was a good year this year! :) It was a good day!! Thanks for the flowers honey...the best gift of all is that I get to wake up and end my days with this amazing group of boys. Love and Friendship to you all tonight... Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Ashley Schrage said...

I absolutely love seeing the pictures of today, and one year ago! :) My husband said to me, "I got you a present, but it hasn't been delivered yet." hmm... thinking maybe i'll get a happy tuesday surprise :)