Friday, January 2, 2009

what's going on in 2009???

My goodness... 2009 is here! 2008 was a year full of many moments that brought us to today. Today we are who we are because of these moments and the moments that came before those too. So... what will 2009 moments make of us? We'll have to wait and find out! A few things happening this year...

~ Jaxon turns FIVE. This seemed SO FAR away a few years ago. That moment was a simple blip in the movie scene called "Life". A lot happens when you are five. It's a big year for Jaxon. He will also head off to kindergarten in 2009. I can hardly type that without my eyes watering. Oh, how I love the way life can move me that way at times.

~ We will become a parent of another toddler instead of a baby. We loved the toddler years. I'm sure 2009 will remind us what fun a toddler can be!

~ Holy Cow! I turn 30 this year! I remember being in my teens and feeling like 30 was FOREVER away. I will leave my twenties behind this year and hope I will begin my 30's with a bit more wisdom, integrity, servant-hood, and peace in my daily life. I remember my mom being 30. Weird.

~ Dave & I will be married 8 years this year. That is really close to 10. I feel old in one sense, yet so young at heart still :) I hope this year we do a better job of making time for just the two of us.

These are the few things I know will happen in 2009. The rest... well, it is as much a surprise to me as anybody else!! I already look forward to all our little traditions we do here in the Hansen home in each season of the year and hope we can really live in each of these moments. Day by day. Here is to 2009!!! May it be joy filled, memorable, a learning time, and a year full of peace! Happy 2009 to you all!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

weird. isn't it funny to think ahead rather than looking back? when did jaxon get so old? when did our babies turn in to toddlers? where does time go? it is flying! we will be having another one before you know it...ha ha.