Monday, January 19, 2009

a typical Monday...really

Today was a pretty typical day at the Hansen house...eating, playing, napping, dancing, reading, playing, laundry (of course), bathroom cleaning, and cooking and playing!! We did spice our day up a bit with a little documenting of Austin's 13 month mark on life and by ending the day with a last minute sleep-over!

Jaxon and his good buddy Mason below... they enjoy each others company so much! I surprised Jaxon by just bringing Mason home with me after a hair-cut. (Jaxon had NO CLUE he was coming over!) Mason loved walking through the door and surprising Jaxon. Jaxon fell to the floor he was so happy and then bounced off the walls for the next 20 minutes of pure excitment!!

And, Austin is 13 months old today! It's so funny how I can already see differences in my two son's perosnalities. Jaxon rarely played with trucks as a young toddler. Jaxon always had a ball in his hand. Austin loves to play with trucks already and will push one around for a pretty long time before moving onto another thing! Boys... so fun to watch these little guys grow up!

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Becky Bartlett said...

I think Boaz may be a truck boy, too. He and Austin can play soon! Fun idea to surprise Jaxon... I bet that reaction was fun to watch!! :)