Sunday, January 11, 2009

lets catch up!

What have we been doing the last few weeks??? Here's a quick over view! We just got back from a week long vacation... more blogging on that later :)

We had Brody Christmas on New Years Day... a full house!

We attended the DTI Christmas party... Ugly Sweaters again! (our team has grown a lot since 1 year ago!)

We painted the snow and had cousin play dates!

We had home spas!

We've been sledding!

We had Jaxon's preschool Christmas party...his teachers here.

Jaxon is in the green singing Away in the Manger. So cute!

We hung out all Christmas morning at home!

We had McIntosh Christmas and attempted to get a kids picture :)

We went to Christmas Eve service and Hansen Christmas...

Austin has mastered the kitchen step stool and loves to "help".

We had the office crew over for lunch!

And we've played and made things!

whew... what a busy last few weeks. But loads of FUN!!!


Kris Hoskinson said... the update. my two and jaxon and your spa day ha ha & then austin's face when sledding! :) too have some great pics.

Lyle, Sara, and Elsie McIntosh said...

i LOVE the pic of austin up on the stool helping dave! how sweet!