Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The last 10 days with the Hansen's

And just to warn you, this picture story could get long! This is our life the last 10 days... to catch you up! It started with CF's State football game. Jaxon was excited to go and was giving his "football" face before he left. Bummer they lost, but Jaxon had fun!

Somewhere between today and 10 days ago Austin has mastered opening the cereal boxes. This is almost a daily occurrence. He loves to eat, what can I say?

For Thanksgiving we visited the Hansen side, McIntosh side, and Brody side all in one day. Thanksgiving was also my dad's 50th birthday this year...and we celebrated at a nice party back in my childhood hometown of Dunkerton. Jaxon and I baked 6 pies for the big party. He was so happy to help make pies. A little baker after his mama's heart :)

It was also Austin's 1st Thanksgiving. He spent a lot of the evening time cruising around in this thing. He loved it! Austin enjoyed sweet potatoes, carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans for his dinner. I think anyone sitting in arms reach fed him a little something off their plate. Austin was pleased! We're so thankful for our two healthy boys!!!

We have a tradition of going and getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving with the Reisetter family. We all headed to Kris Kringles for the hunt of our perfect tree. (or not so perfect! We usually get home with a crooked trunk or a hole somewhere in the greenery....but we love the not so perfect thing each year!)

We looked at maybe 20 trees before Jaxon chose "the one". Austin was happy to join us for the first time this year and really liked the cookie at the end that Jaxon shared with him in the "hut".

We started with 4 people, then 6 we are eight. Who knows how many Reisetters/Hansens will be piled into a picture in 10 years!
(As you can see it is getting harder to get a good picture with us all looking and smiling and sitting still!!)

OKay, then we got our first real big snow the day we were leaving for Minneapolis. Jaxon had to play outside before we left. His first snowman that he made all by himself. Pretty good job!

We headed up to Minneapolis with our friends, the Hoskinsons for a short overnight trip. We swam at the hotel, the big guys went to the Vikings/Bears game (of course), us gals hit IKEA, and we ended our trip with a looong play date at the Edinbourough Park.

Swim time! Jaxon loves the pool...Addelyn did too... Austin just kind of sat there. He's our calm one, you know?

Indoor Park! it was REALLY fun for all of us! I think we all went down the slides, played in the gym, and just had a good time goofing around with the kids. Dave found this place a couple months ago... a great secret we've enjoyed a couple times now. Nice work Babe!

Whew... lots to share from our last 10 days... We also had some good friends from Texas visit during this last week and we loved the time with them. We always laugh together and can just pick up where we left when we get back together. We're so thankful for the great friends, great families, and great memories we've had from the last 10 days!!!


Becky Bartlett said...

So this is where you've been!! :) Looks like some fun times for the Hansens. Glad your MN trip was good!

Kris Hoskinson said...

nice work on the many pics from the past days of your life. although i was hoping for a pic of us sitting in the hallway in our sweats. ha ha
i also need to get the video of you and dave so you can post that! it is a classic.