Thursday, November 6, 2008

halloween fun

What a beautiful week we had for Halloween fun this year! We don't really get into the scary side of Halloween, but we have a good time doing pumpkin stuff, dressing up, and making cookies! We made some Halloween cookies with some little friends. The kids had a great time decorating them! We carved a pumpkin, which Austin loved to simply stick his hand into and just feel around. Every time we went outside he squirmed to get down and crawl over to the jack-o-lantern...take the lid off and just stand with his hand in that thing!
We don't really do the whole trick or treating thing, but we do stop at a few friends houses and then usually end our evening at some friends of ours around a little campfire. Jaxon was really looking forward to the campfire...but as you can see below, he barely made it! He was asleep in our van by 7:15pm. Preschool just wipes him out by the end of the week and he is often found sleeping on the couch by at least 7:30pm!! I knew Friday night Halloween was going to be pushing it. He was begging to go home and take a bath for bed time at 7pm!! Prior to heading out to some friends we had a few visitors at our house. It is so fun to see the kids all dressed up. They are so cute! It was such a great day weather wise and we enjoyed the Halloween fun with our two little critters :)

Yummy! Cookie fun!!

Our tiger with his hand in the pumpkin!!

Our two "wild animals". The tiger is mad we took the pumpkin away :)

One worn out giraffe...

Austin and his buddy, Addelyn, two peas in a pod.

Happy Pumpkin Day from the Hansen boys!!!

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