Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11 months today!

And, what do you do at 11 months old??? Play with remotes of course! I had put all 4 of these remotes in "hiding places"... behind cushions, behind DVD player, etc. I came into the living room and he was smiling so BIG! He had found and laid all four of the remotes out right in front of him and was basking in the joy of remote play time! Smarty pants!

Remember Austin in the green dump truck back in February...

Here he is in November! He pushes this thing around the house these days...

Austin loves to play ball... he will hand it to you and then you hand it back and he just smiles or laughs. He loves this game with mommy... Jaxon doesn't quite give it back fast enough and he gets a little mad sometimes!

Austin is busy busy these days! He is almost walking and can be caught catching himself in between furniture pieces! He climbs up on the stool to "help" me with laundry, brush my teeth, and watch me cook. He just started laughing when we are all laughing... he will watch our faces and then do the most acted out's pretty funny :) He is eating some more finger food and has mastered drinking from a straw (self-taught, thanks to dad's Casey's cups!). He's back into a nice nap schedule after a little window of uncertainty and all in all he is a happy baby! He battled the flu a couple weeks ago, has a cold now, and is keeping us all on our toes and smiling. What a boy! 1 year old days... here he comes!!!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

cute cute. i love this stage! :)
and i love that he knows how to drink out of a straw...ha ha!