Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's that time again...

It's that time again when the political scene can get mean and ugly. I really don't like this part of the political world and have a hard time with the way some candidates treat each other...up front or passive aggressively. In the end...each of these individuals is a person...a dad or a mom, a son or daughter, a friend to someone, a sibling, a person. While I don't agree with everyone's beliefs or values, I do know we are all people and should be given what Christ gave to us. Grace and love. Of course, we don't DESERVE it,but because of Jesus we all have a chance for this.

That said... we do have to choose and come November 4th we will have to make our choice for our next President, senators, congress men & women, representatives, and even a few others... As I have gotten older these choices have become more and more important to me. Having kids makes me really plug into what is happening in their world. Being a follower of Jesus makes me feel accountable for how I vote and what I represent in the voting booth on election day. I hope everyone makes a conscious effort to evaluate the men and women running this year.

I guess for me... and feel free to disagree, but these are a few stands I take and hope to represent when I vote on Tuesday.
I believe every baby is a gift from God and should be given a chance at life. I believe a baby is a human with living rights starting at conception. I believe there are alternatives for abortion.
I believe God intended for marriage to be between a man and a woman, in the beginning he created Adam and Eve and He said it was very good.
I believe education is important for every child and I think parents should be able to influence what direction schools are going. I believe teachers should have some accountability. (and I WAS a teacher before I had kids!)

Okay, these are my main issues. Yes, I care about health care, the economy, and foreign policy. But, I really don't care how well someone can fix our economy if they are willing to let innocent babies die everyday. I will stand before God someday and answer to Him and in my heart that just feels right to me.

So, other then the fact that I must say I can not believe I'm bold enough to blog on this topic because I HATE confrontation and honestly really hope nobody comments on this, but I also want to say that despite all the different views I am praying for every candidate this year. Now I am probably praying for a victory for some and not others :) But, I am praying for their families, their hearts, their relationship with God or lack of, their ability to be good leaders, and their influence on the American people. I hope each candidate gets the grace and love they need this election season.

I hope you all really look into what is behind all the candidates and make a well informed decision on November 4th! There are many families counting on you!! Be sure to VOTE!


Becky Bartlett said...

This was well worded, Jess! And I agree!! :) Thanks for coming over on Tuesday night- sad that I didn't get to chat with you much. Happy voting on Tuesday!!

Bailey said...

Right on!