Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Happenings...

Lots of fall activities in the last week! This post may get long, as I have 3 big things to share! The above picture is from the apple Orchards last week. Dave's sis, Heidi, and her two girls, and the boys and I headed over to the Denver Apple Orchard. It's perfect for kids our ages. They let you pick your own apples, it's not too big, and it's 20 minutes away! It was really pretty out there and we had fun getting apples together. These four hardly sit still long enough to snap a photo...the above is as close as I could get! We love having all our kids cousins so close! There is nothing better then a nice fall afternoon in Iowa spent at an apple orchard.

Austin liked eating apples when we weren't looking :)

Jaxon insisted he was strong enough to carry both buckets!

Next up is...Pumpkin Farm with Jaxon's Preschool class! I got to go along to the pumpkin farm with Jaxon and his preschool class. It was really neat to see him relate amongst his peers and hang out with his old buddy, Gabe. They are in the same class and they just love each other. It is really cool to see your children develop relationships with their peers and find friendship with one another. Jaxon had a blast and talked about it all night at dinner. It was weird to be a "parent chaperone/volunteer" with the preschool. I remeber being the teacher and it was odd to have switched roles in just a few short years. His teachers are great and they did a nice job organizing a fun day for the kids!

I'm not sure which Jaxon was more excited for...the pumpkin farm or the BUS RIDE! he was pumped even more when he saw it was BLUE!! Talk about easy pleasing!

Jaxon and good buddy Gabe

And, last but not least... the BARN DANCE!!!

That's right...I said Barn Dance! There was a fundraiser barn dance & auction for a camp that many of the Longfellow kids attend in the summer. (Longfellow is where Dave used to coach soccer until the school closed this year) The camp is for under resourced kids to come and just be a kid. Forget the tough things going on at home and just enjoy their childhood a bit on this ranch! The camp offers great leaders/councelors/programs to teach, love, and nurture these children. The kids love it and I'm happy we could be a part of the cowboy night! The Barn Dance was at a beautiful ranch here in the Cedar VAlley. It was really amazing! Above is my friend Kris and below with Dave is her hubby, Mark.. We all went together with some other friends from church. It was quite the boot scooting night! We didn't mess around dressing for the part either!! (-:


Kris Hoskinson said...

the pic of mark and dave is definitely a classic. :)

Becky Bartlett said...

You've had some fun adventures! I can't get enough cowboy pictures!! :)

jer said...

You guys would definitely fit in here in Texas with those outfits.

Funny thing is, that's how Valerie and I dress almost every day. It's great.