Friday, September 19, 2008

Today + Austin = 9 Months Old!

Jaxon and Austin really do play well together. Jaxon is usually eager to help Austin find a toy or to make him laugh or to help him from one spot to another. I hope this picture is a feel for what lies ahead for these two... a life-time of being friends and brothers.

Austin weighed in today at 21.5 pounds! He actually lost a little weight :)

Austin LOVES to be outside still. He crawls all over the yard these days looking for something interesting to pull or put in his mouth.

Austin's new thing is "so big". It's so funny to watch him play by himself. He will get excited and then just throw his arms up like this..."so big". When Jaxon plays football and scores sometimes Ausitn does this...we call it his touch down dance :) Of course, two of his favorite toys cell phone and a football.

Austin is walking along all our furniture these days. If you look quick enough, you'll catch him standing by himself for a few seconds. Jaxon was walking at 10 months old...perhaps that is in the near future for this one too??? So crazy to think that!

So Happy and So Big!

This is Austin and a little buddy, Boaz Bartlett. I have a cute picture of them both looking at the camera, but this one really captures Austin's excitment that day to see Boaz. Austin kept tyring to "kiss" and "hug" on Boaz. (a.k.a. sucking on and crawling on him and head banging on him :)

He randomly throws his arms up when eating... food is good!

So, I let Ausitn try to feed himself the other day... it was hilarous. He loved the spoon and the bowl on his tray. He kept looking at me like "can I really stick my hands in this"? Needless to say...we had a mid-day bath after this meal!

Austin is on his way to 1 year old already. Where does the time go? This year has been so great as we've prepared for this baby boy and welcomed him into our lives. Babies are such a gift from Above and this one has blessed our family so much. We love having him here and are just really loving this life with two beautiful, healthy, and growing little boys!


Becky Bartlett said...

Jess... 9 months?!?! Can you believe it? These are great pictures of your little man. I was laughing as I read about him head butting Boaz. That was so hilarous... he was super excited to see him! We'll have to be sure that they play together again soon. Boaz needs a little wrestling around now and then!

Kris Hoskinson said...

these are some great new pics of austin. i love the eating one- the look on his face is hilarious!!!

Kristyn said...

hey definitely tell me which of those amish books are not the cheesy ones, i haven't read any of them :)