Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live Hansen Footage

Jaxon and I have been playing around with our movie maker on our computer. He likes to see what we can put together and I like to try and create fun videos of our boys. Here is one of our first attempts as we were learning what we are doing!! (I do not claim to have any creative skills when it comes to this sort of stuff!!!)
This is live footage from the Hansen's this summer! Jaxon is quite the little fish and during the Olympics he insisted I call him Michael Phelps when we were at the pool :) Austin & Jaxon are "playing" more and more together as Austin gets older... and, last...Austin had a great "worm" style of crawling before he went to the full crawl for his natural way to get around. I should've taped him earlier when he wormed his way around the house... now he is crawling and walking along our couch everyday! Enjoy the mini-show!



Holly said...

Love the video and I think you did a great job editing! I think Austin is going to be up and walking before Myles! The sword fight is TOO cute! You can see how much those boys love each other! Thanks for sharing! I think you've inspired me to drag out the video camera too! :)

Becky Bartlett said...

Nice work, technical genius!! :) Fun to see live action shots of your boys.

everyday blessings said...

Hey Jess!
Very cute :) Stopping in to say hi and that I love the pics and stories of your boys :) These kids all grow fast - wow! :) Thanks for your encouragement! :)

jkrogers said...

I love the worm!!!!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

very cute. and nice work with the video. did you do that with the video camera? gosh i have to figure that stuff out.
and by the way, the sword fight was hilarious. i seriously think austin was fighting back. ha ha
i am disappointed that the FULL worm is not on there. i guess he has mastered crawling too much now!

Austin & Megan Lorenzen said...

Those videos were hilarious--especially the sword fight. :o)