Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 months and counting...

It is crazy to think Austin is closer to one year old then being a new born. Austin's baby stages are flying by faster then Jaxon's did and I am trying hard to capture all his moments and really live in today. Austin went from being a rolly polly baby that could hardly sit up by 7 months old, to being...well, still rolly polly...but now he is sitting up, crawling, scooting, pulling himself up to standing, laughing, grabbing, and just being too fun! I usually find him standing in his crib yelling out at me when he's supposed to be napping and he loves to play peek a boo behind doors. He's still a happy baby and I really can not complain about 1 thing about him. He's just been so great! Such a good baby!!
We spent his 8 month day at the aquatic center. It was the last day it was open for the season. It was a fun summer spent by the pool :) Preschool is just around the corner and we're trying to switch gears and be ready for fall. I can not believe I am taking Jaxon to preschool next week. I am not going to write about it because truth is... I would probably start crying if I let myself go there. I have loved being home with both my boys and 4 years have gone by so's time to start letting go just a bit as Jaxon walks into a new chapter in his little life. Today's blog includes some pictures of Jaxon at and around 8 months... I thought it would be fun to compare the babes and remember Jaxon at what just seems as yesterday. Do you think they look alike? I sure see it and then I also see their very own characteristics! Jaxon is on the left and Austin is on the right. Hold onto your lasts... the firsts all come soon enough :)

Mom and boys at the last day at the pool!

Austin 8 months old!

doesn't his face look so old here!?!?!

Smiley 8 month old :)


jkrogers said...

LOL, before I read the blog I skipped to the pictures and without thinking I looked at one of Jaxon and thought to myself "whoa that looks like jaxon, they look more alike then I thought" then I scrolled further and realized what was going on and felt pretty silly. Both your boys are adorable, how fun!

Kristyn said...

so cute that you have photos of them in the same outfits, you're such a cute mom :)

Kris Hoskinson said...

great job with taking pics in both outfits. i don't care if the next child is as boy.....i will be doing the same thing! ha ha, i have too many cute girl outfits to waste!
8 months already, isn't it crazy? and jaxon starts school. wow, where has time gone?
now i sound old!

Becky Bartlett said...

Great idea in the same outfits. I've always thought they looked alike... you proved it again!! They're both adorable boys!