Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Days just getting away...

Hello! I feel like we've had so much happening the last couple weeks and I'm going to just post a picture story for ya'll to keep up!

Can't believe August is here tomorrow...Dave's 31st birthday! Happy Birthday Babe! So glad God brought you into this world on this special day 31 years ago!!

Here we go...

It's no secret our family loves the pool in the summer. We have to go 13 times to get our money's worth out of our season pass... and we never have a problem filling that criteria. Even with a wet and cool start to summer :-) Here we are at the Aquatic center enjoying a hot day!

Geetha and her husband, Baboo, live just two houses down from us. They are here until April, working for John Deere (he is). We have built a nice little relationship with them the last few months and Geetha loves to visit the boys everyday. Jaxon has really started to enjoy these visits too and is usually waiting with the hose to "play" with her. She thinks it is so funny when he gets her all wet. What a patient and child like spirit! It is good! Austin has come to really laugh/smile at her too.

This is the Hudson Parade..the 3rd parade we've been in with Walt this summer. Don't the boys look ecstatic to be on that wagon again!?!? Vote Walt Rogers District 10 this fall! :)

My friend Kris and I took a day to make homemade baby food. We stocked up for the next 3 months and spent....drum roll, please.... $7.14 each for 3 months worth of baby food! Can't beat that!!!

Welcome Jonah Raymond Carlson! Our newest Brody cousin/nephew has arrived! He was born July24th to Dave's youngest sister Lo and husband Cliff. Big sister Jayda welcomes him at home :) So glad you are here and healthy and cute as can be!

This is Jaxon with his next door buddy, Kendyl. She is the granddaughter of our good neighbor, Roger. She visits each summer and has been here for 1 month! Jaxon LOVES having her here and will miss her when she leaves tomorrow :( He sits in our yard by the curb waiting for her to come out each day (literally) and she is so nice and plays with him as much as he wants. I think I will miss her too... kinda nice to split the entertainment duties of Jaxon with someone :-)

Ah, the guys! Dave's Wednesday night softball team... They all came over for a grill-out before one of their games. Never a dull moment with this crew! Dave works with all but two of these guys at DTI.

Okay, if I'd had my camera at 4-H fair you would have better pictures of Jaxon LOVING the fair this year. But, I did not have it so you get a picture of him in his new 4-H t-shirt which he proudly wears to bed and around the house most days. He loved fair this year...helping his uncles with the animals, being a curious little boy, hanging out, seeing cool projects, eating, and the good ole gunny sack race. 4-H holds a special spot in my heart, being in it for 10 years myself, and I can not wait to have my children experience it too. It is a great program for youth to explore their abilities and developing many good characteristics for any person to obtain. There are so many options from photography to music to livestock to science to baking to word name it and it is found in 4-H. 4-H is intentional about teaching kids many life skills that will be used as adults...and I'm looking forward to being on the parent end of 4-H!

Austin loves his bath even more now that he can sit up and crawl around in the water. The Peppers cups seem to be his favorite bath toy... I don't know why we spend money on toys! :-)

Jaxon is taking swim lessons right now. It is so fun to watch him. He's doing great listening to his wonderful teachers and learning some good swim moves. He's pretty proud this week becasue he's mastered the back float finally! His main teacher is 70 something and been teaching lessons for at least 35 years. She really whips them into shape!

And, last but not least...Dave and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this month! 7 years, 2 kids, 4 houses, 10 vehicles, 8 jobs, and how many other different things later... and we're still plugging away loving this life! (I know, 10 vehicles, remember Dave's ebay car buying days!?!?) Happy Anniversary you!!!!

Look forward to the next few weeks... hope you are all having a great summer! See ya in August.


Becky Bartlett said...

This is such a great post. Fun pictures and stories. :) Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been 7 years already!! I'm so impressed with the baby food making... you'll have to teach me someday. Boaz has the same rashgaurd as Austin from Old Navy- they could be twins sometime! (you have great taste!) See you around soon I hope.

jamie said...

great post jess! love the picture of you and dave- classic dave!

Kristyn said...

I need to remember to still be friends with you when I have kids...less than $8 for 3 months of baby food, whoa!?! :)