Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picture Happy!?!

So we recently had our family pictures taken by a gal that was suggested to us from some of our family members. She did great. We were done within 1 hour, it was casual and fun, and not too pricey. However, I think I caught her before she really established her photo business so prices may go up in the future for me...anyways...good business deserves good word of mouth advertising...so here is her website if you are looking for a good photographer. You may even see some of our family photo's on her website :-) She does families, babies, weddings, seniors, and kids. I'm sure she'd do about anything you need photographed! Tessa Cole is her name... check her out if you are looking for future pictures to be taken :) She was a very cheerful, laid back, comfortable, and sweet gal. Perfect for getting my family to pose for any kind of pictures!


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Becky Bartlett said...

Hey, Jess. just checked out a few of your pictures online. They look amazing! And Dave even smiled!!