Friday, June 6, 2008

Signs of Summer

Oh, summer is starting to take shape all around us! With such a loooong winter and short spring it seems summer has just sneaked up on us! (sneaked? snuk up? not sure correct wording here!?!) I forget it is June, like, every day so far. We haven't even bought our pool pass yet and usually we've purchased this sometime early May and are at the pool by May 31st! However, we are trying to catch up with the calendar date and fully immerse ourselves into summer mode. The last few days and last week or so we have had signs of summer creep up all around us and we are ready to embrace this season for a good 3 months! We love summer time at our house and have many great memories that we're planning on re-living again :) I'm sharing some pictures of the latest signs of summer we've had and I'm sure there will be more coming as we take in the lazy days of summer fun!

Austin discovered his outdoor swing yesterday. He hates his swing inside, but this wasn't so bad. Of course, serious as usual... he laid back and enjoyed the view!

Now, opposite of Austin...there is nothing serious about this kid! Jaxon is all personality! He couldn't wait to get a slip n slide this year. He saved some birthday money and together we went to the store and looked over all the options, counted what he had to spend and talked about how much he wanted to spend, save, and put in his Jesus jar. He came up with this slip n' slide for $6.99. A well thought out process on his part and he was quite proud of himself as he paid at the register and counted his money out AND got change back for something else! From the time we bought it until we got home and he got us to set it up, I think it was about 35 minutes! This kid was excited for good ole slip n' sliding!!

Slip N Slide :-)

The first sign of summer is often the My Waterloo Days parade that is usually first weekend of summer. Our good friend, Walt Rogers, is running for the Iowa that means we were walking the parade this year! Jaxon was Walt's side-kick the last half of the parade...shaking hands, smiling, and giving his best effort to cheer his favorite politician on!

Austin also came along for the ride at the parade... though clueless about what was going on...he sure enjoyed the sunny morning and being cooed over by everyone! (here is Austin, with Walt & Jenny Rogers, and another little buddy Boaz Bartlett!)

And of course... my flowers! Our yard is starting to bloom in many of my favorite creations is in full bloom right now! God is an amazing artist with all the world's beauty!

Side note... we know this summer for some people around here will be filled with rebuilding their homes and lives after the awful tornado that passed though the Parkersburg, New Hartford, and Dunkerton area this last week. As they finish clean-up and begin re-building or moving elsewhere we just invite everyone to join us in prayer as we pray for all those effected by this storm.

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